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Electronics Design and Repair

New designs and obsolete PCB reverse engineering including schematics, PCB fabrication, and assembly. Troubleshooting and repair, board level diagnostics, board level repair, microsoldering.

Service and quality won't be compromised to compete with the unrealistically cheap prices and low quality set by other shops using inferior parts, tools, and techniques. Only the highest quality replacement parts are used and, if possible, each repair is tested to ensure the device is working properly.

You will be given a cost estimate and time frame upfront, before any work (other than initial testing and diagnostic) begins. The cost of repair parts is required upfront before an order for parts will be placed.

Free estimates are offered so you don't owe anything other than return shipping if your device can't be fixed.

Arduino CNC Controller

GRBLDuino Shield - GRBL 1.1f compatible Arduino Uno Shield CNC controllers. Each controller can drive up to four axes and supports two limit/home switches per axis. The controllers also support spindle speed (PWM) and direction; coolant control; probe function; and emergency stop, abort, hold, and resume buttons. GRBLDuino Uno and Mega Shields are now available in a kit or assembled and ready to use.

Wooden Airplanes

Wooden airplanes are what really propelled things forward. After being frustrated by some not-so-great plans which required too much on-the-fly problem solving, complete and comprehensive plans have been drafted. The plans include a comprehensive parts list and many pages of instructions.

Digital plans, paper plans, and complete planes are sold at the store links at the top of the page.

Custom Signs

Big or small, fancy or plain, custom signs are always popular.

Any style and font are possible - let your imagination go and let's work together.

Yep, a little bit of everything.

As you can see, I do a little bit of a lot of different things but this isn't even everything. Take a stroll through my Instagram and blog to see more of the things I do.

LeakSeeker 89

LeakSeeker 89, a product from EDS, Inc went out of production in 2014 but I offer the bare PCBsTenclos Pulpit 590.9 enclosures, and label sets for sale for those wanting to build one.

CapAnalyzer 88A

Same as the LeakSeeker, the CapAnalyzer 88A is another out of production EDS, Inc product for which I offer PCBs for sale.

Leather Work

Requests and custom orders are always welcome. I also produce a reproduction canvas parachute bag upon request.